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Total Format was founded by Tom Martin and initially started out as as a small, fan based community forum (well actually it was a safe haven from the tyranny and iron fisted approach that was the team behind the official games forums) for the then very popular MMORPG Legend of Mir 2 on January 9th 2003. However it very quickly outgrew it's initial role and as a result, Total Format as a website came about, still continuing to support that game, but branching out into general gaming, movies and music, to cover the ever growing needs and demands of a fast expanding community. The site saw many twists and turns along the way, including being hacked by disgruntled ex-players, server failure, rebellion, fantastic meet-ups and so much more. Total Format gradually evolved and continued to expand and the site enjoyed a four year period of success, often getting as many as 1 million visitors a day (if only they'd all registered and posted on the forums). Total Format even hosted the official community forums for the MMORPG sequel Legend of Mir 3 for a time, but it was this that ultimately would prove to be a near fatal mistake for the community, it was a bad mistake and it proved costly. Times change and that together with the birth of Facebook and it's meteoric rise saw a very fast decline in Total Format, something which was missed, I mean, who would have thought anything would wipe MySpace out. It's a period remembered as being a long hard fought battle, which was eventually lost.

Total Format took a long break after it's decline, but was eventually reinvented, initially as a tech support site, with tech being an area of expertise for this site from it's beginning, however, this failed to engage the community and so ultimately it failed. Total Format came back three times during a 5 year period, each trying a different approach, but each time failing, due in part to Facebook still having such a massive pull over people, but also due to a lack of resources needed to sustain the success it once achieved, so again Total Format went back to the drawing board...

Total Format as you now see it, well, it is a fresh approach, but using one of the features it enjoyed success with, one which finally gives the site the opportunity to be what it should be, with the community featuring as a major part of it's plans, but in a format that is simple and a site that is easy to use. Not trying to cover more than is humanly possible. Total Format is a tech, gaming and gadget website, it always has been and so focus has kind of gone full circle. Rather than trying to cover more than is possible though, now we provide simple information so people can make their own decision. Each product covered on Total Format is there for people to review if they like, buy if they like or simply browse to see what is available. The community side of Total Format is still a work in progress. Hopefully in time, many of it's orginal members will grow to love it. The point at which it is now is still far from the finishing line, Total Format has so much potential, but with dedication still unmatched (12 years later), the future of Total Format is once again very bright.

As once said. Total Format will be around as long as it is needed and wanted and having rode the Facebook storm and finally got to the light at the end of a very long and often dark tunnel, Total Format once more has a very solid, stable future and continues to have a place in internet history.

If you've taken the time to read this, thanks, if your new to Total Format, nice to see you, if you are reading this for nostaliga reasons as an old TFer, pop along to the community forum, it's always great to catch up.

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