E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts 3 Has An Awesome Special Edition

E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts 3 Has An Awesome Special Edition

After a long wait, Kingdom Hearts fans are finally getting Kingdom Hearts III early next year. Just before its E3 2018 showcase, Square Enix officially announced the game for PS4 and Xbox One. You'll be able to buy the game starting January 29, 2019. There will be Standard and Deluxe Editions, but Square Enix will also release a special edition that includes the Deluxe Edition plus extra goodies.

The Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition + Bring Arts Figures includes the base game, a steelbook case, an artbook, and a collectible pin featuring Sora with the Kingdom Hearts 3 logo. It will also come with three Bring Arts figures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy in their Toy Story world garb. The Deluxe Edition + Bring Arts Figures will cost $230 and will be available exclusively from the Square Enix store. Check out all the offerings below.

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There are tons of other ways to buy Kingdom Hearts III, including an all-in-one PS4 Pro bundle, so check out our full buying guide for all your options.

Kingdom Hearts III will be the last chapter of the overarching Kingdom Hearts story. It will take players to Toy Story, Hercules, and Monsters Inc. worlds, among others. We've got a look at a few of the worlds already; check out these trailers of Frozen, Ratatouille, Wreck-It Ralph, and watch the Pirates of the Caribbean video above to get a glimpse of Captain Jack Sparrow.