Hitman 2 Leaks Ahead Of E3 2018

Hitman 2 Leaks Ahead Of E3 2018

[UPDATE 2] Another teaser has landed, potentially showing more clues about an assassination target named Sierra Knox.

[UPDATE] A new teaser has arrived, and it may contain more clues about Hitman 2. Take a look for yourself and sound off in the comments.

The original story is below.

There are now a few reasons to believe a new Hitman game may be on the way. The official Hitman account sent out a cryptic tweet today that points to some kind of reveal on June 7, which is the same day that publisher Warner Bros. is holding a pre-E3 2018 reveal event.

A tweet from the WB Games account shows a race car with the brand "Hamsun" on it; that could be a reference to the fictitious oil company referenced in Hitman Season 1. A more direct indication that Hitman 2 is coming is that a logo for Hitman 2 was found on WB's official website. So yeah.

The Hitman series was created and continues to be developed by IO Interactive, which was owned by Square Enix before the Japanese company sold it off. As part of the sale, IO Interactive kept the rights to the Hitman franchise. Given how well the game was received and the profile of the brand overall, it's no surprise that another big studio would come along to work with IO on more games.

IO previously talked about three seasons' worth of content for Hitman, and the studio continued to work on new Hitman content even amid the sale process.

For now, this is just a rumour, even if it's a believable-sounding one. You can check out GameSpot's E3 2018 rumour roundup to find out more about what's rumoured ahead of the big show.