Pokemon Funko Pops Are Super Effective (At Taking Your Money)

Pokemon Funko Pops Are Super Effective (At Taking Your Money)

Funko has announced a new "Pokemon Pop" line of collectible figurines, starting with the series mascot, Pikachu. The announcement was made official shortly after a fan on the Funko subreddit found one of the figurines at a local Target store.

In fact, the electric mouse will be a Target exclusive, and it will start rolling into stores this month. The store noticed by a fan apparently jumped the gun, but that let the Meowth out of the bag on Funko finally obtaining the Pokemon license. This is the first Pokemon Pop that Funko has produced, and more are sure to be on the way.

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Two new Pokemon games are due this year: Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. The pair of Nintendo Switch games share some similarities with the popular Pokemon Go, including the capture mechanics and the ability to transfer your captured monsters with Go. But they also utilize the turn-based battle system of the more mainline Pokemon games. A new trailer showing off the customization options was just released as well. A separate core Pokemon game is coming to Switch in 2019.

Funko has become known for its homages to just about every kind of geek culture imaginable, from big-budget movies like Avengers: Infinity War to retro video games to TV shows like Stranger Things. At E3 2018, Microsoft even gave Funko a brief moment on its stage, announcing the mobile game Gears Pop.