Starfield – Official Announcement Teaser

It almost seems impossible to keep track of all the major game announcements that have been taking place throughout this year's E3. However, there has been one game that a lot of Bethesda fans have been talking and asking about for years and it's Starfield. Well, after being silent about the game for quite some time, gamers finally got a tad bit of info about Bethesda's next big epic single-player adventure, Starfield.

Starfield is the first new Bethesda series in 25 years. That in itself is cause enough to scream so loud with excitement that it could be heard in space.

The game trailer starts with the Bethesda Game Studios logo, and it shows a planet on the horizon as the sun peeks around the corner. We then get the image of a satellite that apparently gets sucked into some kind of space vortex and then the title of Starfield appears.

Some gamers have been combing over every single square inch of the trailer, and they've discovered a couple of hints in the trailer, but there's no concrete details on what Starfield will actually allow players to do or what the actual gameplay will be like.

Based on what was showcased, it looks like players might be able to travel to planets? The satellite definitely throws things for a loop because we don't know if some form of interstellar travel will be involved as well, so it could be like No Man's Sky or it could simply take place on a select few planets.

One thing that Todd Howard did bring up was that the technology for what Bethesda wanted to utilize for Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI isn't quite there yet. So, it likely means that we probably won't be seeing the game release on this generation of home consoles.

We have no idea when it's going to release, but PC Gamer notes that it's coming out after the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles are revealed.