Total Format Reborn

Total Format Reborn

As I'm sure you can see, Total Format is currently undergoing a major redevelopment right now. This has come about simply because I was not happy with the site essentially being little more than a store front for the last few years. Total Format has it's roots firmly in gaming, so it is time to go back to those roots.

As a result, features are being added, built and tweaked as I go along, so some bits may not be fully functional just yet.

One of the main features of Total Format will be to provide information about games over the generations, dating back to early platforms like arcade games and early PCs such as ZX81, C64, Amiga and the likes, right through to the very latest games available for Xbox One, PS4 and the latest gaming computers.

Another feature will be to include some detailed information on as many MMORPGs as I can cover, including reviews, screenshots, videos and more.

In time a community forum will be added back to Total Format, but that will only be done once I am happy with the design and layout of the main website.

Anyway, please keep on popping by so you can see how we develop and keep up to date with everything.